Mmm....Cake (The mobile browser)

This browser was found by me on a facebook ad, believe it or not. I usually never click those mobile ads, but this caught my eye because it appeared to be a minimalistic alternative to Chrome.

Now, I wouldn't say this will ever replace Google Chrome on my phone, but, damn it's close.

They've essentially done away with traditional search, instead when you do a search for a website, it will load the website, there will be tabs at the top to tweak the results.

When you search for a business or location, it takes you straight to contact info. It's a very clean browsing experience, and in the few days that I have used it on my iPhone, it has been incredibly fast.

Even better, each page lets you choose whether or not to hide ads by clicking the menu button. So you can still support your favorite pages by allowing ads (ahem). Shortcut buttons on the bottom of the page makes it easy to instantly share, view open tabs, or bookmark the page with a quick tap. Tapping the tabs button will allow you to open a private browsing session for all your sleuthing.

In the settings you can customize which search engine you want to use for different searches.

So, you can set google for web searches, you can set multiple search engines for videos and images. Default settings are Google Videos, Youtube, Vimeo, Bing, and Dailymotion.
So, if you hate Bing like me, simply uncheck Bing , and it will exclude those results.

This is a short review, but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, and it has definitely become my go to browser for quick searches, and replaced Chrome on my shortcut menu.

So this app definitely gets the beard!!! Download it and give it a shot!

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