Win11 is losing market share. Here is why, and how to downgrade to Windows 10.


I read an article the other day that stated that Windows 10 has now reached a 70% market share as Windows 11 usage continues on a downward trajectory. 

Last month, Statcounter reported a decrease in Windows 11's market share, and the trend continued in April 2024. After reaching its all-time high of 28.16% in February 2024, Windows 11 dropped below the 26% mark.

In April 2024, Windows 11 lost 0.97 points, going down from 26.68% to 25.65%. All those users seemingly went for Windows 10 since the OS crossed the 70% mark for the first time since September 2023, gaining 0.96 points.

This is due to several reasons:

Stability and reliability: Windows 10 has been out for a while and has received numerous updates, making it more stable and reliable compared to Windows 11, which might still have bugs or compatibility issues.

Compatibility: Some software or hardware might not be fully compatible with Windows 11 yet. This could be due to drivers not being updated or software not being optimized for the new operating system.

Performance: Windows 10 has been shown to perform better on older hardware.

Preference: Some users simply prefer the user interface or features of Windows 10 over Windows 11. They might find the changes in Windows 11 unnecessary or disruptive to their workflow.

Enterprise and business environments: Enterprises often prefer stability and long-term support over the latest features. Many businesses may stick with Windows 10 until they are confident in the stability and compatibility of Windows 11 for their systems.

Resource efficiency: Some users have found that Windows 10 is more resource-efficient compared to Windows 11. This can be especially important for gamers with older hardware or those who want to maximize performance in demanding games.

Thankfully, Microsoft makes it easy to downgrade, but there is something to note. Anything you have save on your Win11 workspace will be gone, so be sure to make a backup.

Here is how to downgrade if you previously upgraded from Windows 10.

1. Start by heading over to the Windows 11 settings page (you can press your windows key + I from any screen to access the settings)

2. Select "Windows Update" from the sidebar. You will likely notice that this screen is the repository for everything to related to software and device updates and other fun stuff. Ignore most of the other stuff and head over to "Update History"

3. Once you have selected "Update History" scroll down past the list of installed updates and look for "Recovery" You will only see the option "Go back" to windows 10, if you have upgraded in the last 10 days. If the option isn't there, you will need to use the other option later in this guide.

4. Select the "Go Back" button and answer the questions listed there. Windows will then try to prompt you to update Win11 to fix possible problems. You can either choose to do that or simply click "No Thanks"

5. After this you will have to select "next" a few times and it will finally give you the option to "Go back to Windows 10" Click it, and the process will take several minutes, and you will be taken right back to you Win10 Desktop.

Here is how to downgrade if your machine came with Win11 or if you upgraded longer than 10 days ago.

Unfortunately for this option, you must do a "clean install" which means, you will lose all your data that isn't backed up. 

To start you need to head on over to Microsoft's Windows 10 Download page

You are looking for the option to "Create Windows 10 Installation Media" (pictured below)

Go ahead and download the took, open and just follow the steps on the screen. Make sure to choose the option to "Upgrade this PC now" and follow all the prompts on your screen.

PLEASE NOTE: This will restore your computer to factory settings so make a backup of your important files!!!

I hope this little guide helped you! Be sure to check me out on socials!

My thoughts on ChatGPT

 If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for the latest and coolest tech. One of the most exciting new developments in the world of technology is ChatGPT.

Essentially, it's a chatbot that uses ai to provide you with answers to your questions. Whether you need help with a homework assignment, want to know the weather forecast, or are just looking for a good restaurant, this "chat bot" can help.

Unlike Google or other search engines, it's actually designed to learn from your interactions with it. As you use it regularly, it will get better and better at understanding your needs and providing you with accurate and helpful answers.

While they are currently on chatgpt-4 there are still some limitations to what it can do. For example, it may struggle with complex questions that require a humans point of view. And, like any AI system, there is always the risk of bias or error. Keeping this in mind, it still has the potential to be a game-changer. 

But what about the impact of this new technology on society as a whole? There are some concerns to consider. For example, as AI systems become more advanced, there is a risk that they could replace human workers in certain industries. This could lead to job loss and economic disruption.

However, despite these concerns, I believe that it has the potential to have a positive impact on society. By providing people with quick and accurate answers to their questions, it could help to improve access to information. 

One of the most significant concerns is that people might use it to generate work that they can pass off as their own. In other words, they might use it to plagiarize.

It is capable of producing human-like text that can be difficult to distinguish from something written by a real person. This means that it could be used to generate essays, articles, and other types of content that are indistinguishable from something written by the user (yes this includes blog posts!) The risk is that someone could use this technology to cheat their way through school or university, or to create content for work or professional purposes that they didn't actually write themselves.

Granted, this technology is still in beta, and it has a lot of improvements to make, but the rate at which this chat is learning and improving, it really is startling to consider where it might be a decade from now.

This is definitely something to keep our eyes on, and I would recommend anyone to go and try it. It is a lot of fun, and sometimes a little scary

Tech Bytes is Open for Business again.

I just wanted to take a moment to let my readers know that after a short hiatus, Tech Bytes is now taking new business! If you have any needs, please don't hesitate to reach out! There will be more posts to come! 

Fright Nights! October Movies and Where to Stream them.

October is coming up, and Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. I decided to celebrate this year by sharing a list of my favorite horror movies. I have chosen one for each night of the month. 

I had to figure out a way to justify stepping outside the box to post this on a tech blog, so I decided to limit my list to only movies that are available to stream from our favorite services! This list will include some of my favorite scary movies including some that bend the genre. As we get closer to Halloween, the movies will focus more on the actual holiday.  

10/1 - Poltergeist (1982) Netflix - This film needs no introduction. Truly a classic! 

10/2 - Sinister (2012) Netflix - This is a terrifying film with one of the best boogeymen in recent film history. It had a lot of potential, but the sequel ruined the franchise. 

10/3 - Dreamcatcher (2003) Vudu - One of Stephen Kings best stories. Fantastic cast, and Jason Lee brings the perfect amount of comedic relief to it. 

10/4 - The Exorcist (1973) HBOMax - Another classic. This movie had me convinced I was possessed when I was a kid. 

10/5 - Drag Me To Hell (2009)  Amazon Prime- The perfect combination of horror and comedy

10/6 - Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) Netflix - One of the most ridiculous but classic horror movies out there. Unless you happen to be afraid of clowns, in which case, its truly just terrifying.

10/7 - House of Wax (2005) HBOMax - A great movie about a backwards small town that isn't quite what it seems

10/8 - Jeepers Creepers (2001) HBOMax - Another franchise that had great potential. It lost traction after a poor reception of the sequel.

10/9 - Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) HBOMax - Not as good as the 1st one, but I still really enjoyed this film.

10/10 - The Others (2001) HBOMax - One of absolute favorite horror movies, and one of the best twists in film history

10/11 - Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Netflix - Del Toro is one of the best writers ever. This film is a chilling story in the vein of Alice in Wonderland. 

10/12 - Dark Skies (2013) Netflix - One the scariest sci-fi movies out there. I have seen it over and over again and it never gets old.
10/13 - The Omen (2006) Hulu - Proof that kids are Satan.

10/14 - Cabin In the Woods (2011) Hulu - A much needed original idea for a horror movie. A group of kids unknowingly choose their own fate in an orchestrated slaughter by big brother.

10/15 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Shudder - 1, 2, Freddy's coming for you...

10/16 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) Shudder - 3, 4, Better lock your door...

10/17 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) Shudder - 5, 6, Grab your crucifix...

10/18 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) Shudder - 7, 8, Better Stay up Late...

10/19 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) Shudder - 9, 10, Freddy's back again!

10/20 - Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) Shudder - Nevermind, we're good.

10/21 - The Fourth Kind (2009) Hulu - Another terrifying Sci-fi Horror. I actually had a difficult time finishing this one. It is very disturbing

10/22 - House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Hulu - Rob Zombie is a visionary director. This is the 1st film in a great trilogy. I suggest you also watch Devil's Rejects, and 3 from Hell.

10/23 - Friday the 13th (1980) Amazon Prime - The guy that taught us that sex kills.

10/24 - Jessabelle (2013) Hulu - A girl returns to her southern town and is plagued by spirits and voodoo.

10/25 - As Above, So Below (2014) Netflix - Another original concept. A very scary movie that dives into the catacombs of Paris, which hold centuries of secrets.

10/26 - Insidious (2010) Netflix - This movie kicked off a huge franchise, and rightly so. James Wan is a great horror writer. 

10/27 - Hellraiser (1987) Hulu - Pinhead is another iconic horror movie baddy. The entire franchise is a must watch

10/28 - Child's Play (1988) Vudu - Unlike other boogeymen, Chucky knew how to talk smack. He was on par with Freddy with his trash talk. His entire franchise is also worth watching.

10/29 - Halloween (2007) Rent on Amazon Prime - I know, you have to rent this one. There is a reason that this movie still holds the record for the highest grossing movie to open on Labor day weekend. It is Rob Zombie's take on the classic film. It is a fantastic film, and a must watch.

10/30 - Halloween II (2009) Shudder - Another Rob Zombie Remake, and another must watch. This is how a reboot should be done.

10/31 - Trick 'r Treat (2007) Shudder - This probably my all time favorite Halloween Movie. If you break tradition, Sam will come for you!

I know there are a LOT of classics that I left off this list. Please keep in mind that I limited this list to titles that were available to stream on subscriber services (with the exception of Halloween). Feel free to comment below and let me know some of your favorite scary movies, and be sure to include where I can stream them!

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free (2020)

     One of the most common calls I get at my business is from users wanting to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January of 2020 and Windows 8, Even though Microsoft has extended Windows 8 support until 2023, most people simply don't like it. People will call me wanting to upgrade and will inquire on the cost of a Windows 10 license. Microsoft will  gladly sell you a license starting at $139.99.

     However, most people don't realize that Microsoft will actually still allow you to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 for FREE. What makes it even better is that it is totally legal and safe because it is still done through Microsoft servers.  In this post I will walk you through upgrading your machine to Windows 10 for free. As long as you follow these instructions carefully, even a novice can do it!  I have even heard of some slimier tech companies actually charging for a license and billing the customer the fee just to turn around and do the free upgrade process and pocket the license fee!

     Before we get started, it's important to make sure that your computer will run Windows 10 effectively. Otherwise, this will cause you even more headache. Microsoft's minimum requirements, in my opinion, are not sufficient for a smooth experience. Here is what I would personally recommend.

1.6 GHz Processor
32 GB Free Hard Drive Space

"But wait, RJ. How do I know if my machine has these?" This tool will check for you.

     If you have these specs, and you want to upgrade, then the next step is to backup all your important data. It is unlikely that you will lose any of your data during this process, but it's always best to be safe.

     Once all your stuff is backed up, you want to head to this link to download the Microsoft "Media Creation Tool"

     This will download an executable file on your machine. Once it has downloaded, go ahead and install it. Once installed, you will arrive to the screen below. You are simply going to select "Upgrade this PC now"

     After you click Next, you will be asked a couple of questions. You can choose to keep your system files and upgrade over your existing copy of Windows, or you can choose to do a clean install which will wipe your drive and give you a fresh installation.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you choose to do a clean install you WILL need a valid Windows Key. You can find your key on a sticker somewhere on your machine if you bought it at a retail store. If you have a laptop it will be on the bottom. If you have a desktop, it will likely be on the back. Here are samples of what the stickers looks like.

If you do not have one of these or it is too faded to see, then DO NOT choose a clean install. 

Follow the remaining prompts, and the tool will take care of all the rest for you.

A couple of things to note. It will likely appear to be "stuck" on a certain % on a few occasions during the installation process. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you be patient and do not shut the machine off during this process. It could result in a corrupt Windows installation that will open up a whole new world of problems for you. 

If the process takes longer than a few hours then you can reach out to your local technician for help.

If you are local to the Northeast AR area and need assistance, my contact info is at the top right of this page. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, or if you need additional RAM before you can do this, I can help you.

If you have questions, feel free to post here or email me! I'm always happy to help!

**DISCLAIMER** You take responsibilities for your actions by following this tutorial. Any issues that arise (however unlikely) as a result of following the steps of this tutorial are the sole responsibility of the reader.

Tech Bytes, It's not just a blog anymore!

     Hey readers, I'm branching out! I decided to roll out a full service computer repair business. This includes both Home and Business. PC, Networks, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Etc. In addition to on site repairs, I have remote support as well! As long as you are able to connect to the internet, I can repair your PC remotely.

     In addition to repairs, I will also be offering Tech Tutoring sessions. If you are new to a certain piece of software, or computer, or website, I will remote in or come to you for a one on one tutoring session to teach you all you need to know to make the most out your tech.

Thank you all for your continued support!!

Google Podcast - Finally....

Android Fanboys rejoice! Android FINALLY released an official podcast app. I'm still not sure why it took until 2018 to officially support a medium that's over a decade old, but here we are. 

First things first, Can someone tell me why they decided to make the icon look almost identical to the Fitbit icon? It's so blatant that it's almost offensive. Not to mention annoying when I can't tell the two apart in my status bar.

Now, let's talk about the app itself. Historically I have used Podcast Addict. I have the paid version of the app, and it is robust. Auto downloads, offline play, sorting, you name it. 

However, Google podcast does NONE of that. If you want to binge on your favorite podcasts, you'll be streaming it, and you'll be thrown back to the 90's while watching the app "buffer". 

The GUI is clean like we've come to expect from Google. The search function seems to be robust. I had no issues quickly finding my favorite podcasts (Shoutout to SYSK). However, I feel like I should have the option to download podcasts for offline playback. Sometimes I travel, and I shouldn't have to worry about my signal when I'm driving through the mountains. I also have my favorite episodes that I listen to more than once. I have around 20 SYSK episodes that I enjoy going back to. Podcast addict allows me to quickly search the vast library and pick the episode I want to listen to. 

I am very happy that Google decided to release this app, but it feels totally half baked at this point. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but I like to have control over my data and media. Even Spotify lets me do offline playback. Maybe in another 10 years Google will catch up to my favorite podcast app. 

I'm sure that this will come as no surprise to you, but Google Podcast is